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Why You Shouldn’t Take COVID Test for Travel at a Drug Mart

Why You Shouldn’t Take COVID Test for Travel at a Drug Mart
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private covid 19 testing Like many adventure minded Canadians, you are ready to take the plunge again and head out travelling again. You’ve done your research, planned your travel, booked your tickets and bought your travel insurance.

Now it’s time to obtain your essential COVID-19 test for travel, the all important certificate that your airline and immigration authorities will require that you have on hand for boarding. Without that certificate from a reputable and experienced COVID testing for travel company, your travel plans could collapse. 

Drug stores and drugmarts are a great place to find the things you need for travel – your toiletries, tylenol and snacks for your flight. But are you willing to risk missing your flight because your local pharmacy does not understand the nuances of international travel during these turbulent times?

Is your pharmacist, no doubt a dedicated professional, the one who should be dispensing international travel advice? It may seem convenient at the time, but will your pharmacist be there with you at the airport if problems develop? Simply put, the answer is no. 

When you rely on the team at CVM Medical for your private, COVID-19 test for travel, you are working with a group of healthcare and travel professionals who are skilled and experienced in the world of international travel.

We live and breathe airline operations, customs and immigration, and most especially, international travel and COVID-19 testing for travel. Remember, CVM Medical is operated by Flight Nurses who travel internationally. Flight Nurses who work with the airlines, and who have experience as elite international travelers. 

Don’t risk all of the careful planning, preparation and money that you have just put into your upcoming trip for a cheap and quick test at the pharmacy. The airlines won’t have sympathy for you if your pharmacist can’t come through for you.

The testing for travel professionals at CVM Medical won’t let you down. The CVM Guarantee will be there with you at every step of the way.

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