About CVM Medical

Covid-19 Testing In Canada

CVM Medical provides asymptomatic COVID-19 testing and screening for travelers, businesses and workers who require lab certified, PCR based results for work, play or travel. We provide accredited gold standard PCR testing to provide timely, reliable and physician certified results that enable you to travel or work safely. 

CVM Medical is operated by medical professionals with extensive experience in international travel medicine who provide our customers with the latest and best advice in the ever changing and evolving global landscape.  

CVM Medical is led by a diverse group of specialists from the international medical care, travel insurance and emergency air ambulance industry. Before COVID struck, our day to day job was international medical travel – rescuing and repatriating patients from around the world who found themselves experiencing a medical emergency while travelling abroad.

With the sudden drop in demand for international travel, the team at CVM Medical quickly pivoted our expertise in international medical care, travel and medical transport to form CVM Medical – dedicated to providing customers with quick, reliable and affordable private COVID testing for travel. Our vision was to create a private, asymptomatic COVID-19 testing team that customers could rely on to help them safely travel.

The CVM Medical COVID-19 Testing for Travel team are medical professionals who understand, live and breathe international travel, aviation and remote medical care. The team at CVM Medical are the experts in international air ambulance, medical evacuation, we are healthcare professionals who are dedicated to travel.

Before COVID-19, CVM’s team could be found around the world, every day – rescuing Canadian’s with overseas medical emergencies. From Mexico, the Caribbean, Hawaii, to India and China, CVM’s medical professionals have covered the globe. Like you, we are travelers and are passionate about flying safely. And like you, our Flight Nurses are out in the world, every day.

You can rely on CVM Medical for your private COVID-19 test for travel, COVID screening for your business or workplace, or COVID testing for industry because we are critical care trained medical professionals who understand medicine, international travel logistics, airline operations, customs and immigrations, visa’s and the need to provide the best customer service in Canada. Like our Registered Nurses, we know travel – and COVID testing procedures to keep you moving barrier free.

CVM Medical provides COVID-19 testing for travel solutions, private COVID-19 testing for asymptomatic individuals for work, play, travel or peace of mind. Clients who trust CVM Medical include travelers, airline passengers, governments, health authorities, film studios and major corporations who work with CVM Medical for their private COVID testing needs on a daily basis.

Our Team

CVM Medical Lts, Covid-19 Testing In Canada

Raffy Karagossian, Director of Operations

Raffy has 25 years of experience in the international travel insurance, air ambulance and medical assistance marketplace. Raffy has held senior executive positions at major Canadian travel insurance companies.

Prior to joining CVM, Raffy led a team of international medical assistance and travel assistance experts. As our Director of Operations, Raffy is responsible for overseeing the daily operation of CVM Medical, managing our team of Customer Service Representatives, and ensuring a smooth customer and client experience. You can contract Raffy at RK@covid-medical.ca

Marcie Harrison, RN, Director of Clinical Operations

Marcie is a highly experienced international Flight Nurse. In addition to leading CVM Medical as our Director of Clinical Operations, Marcie is the Chief Flight Nurse and a Critical Care Transport Nurse with one of the largest Canadian Air Ambulance firms based in Vancouver, British Columbia.

As the Director of Clinical Operations, Marcie oversees quality assurance, training, education and lab operations for our team of COVID-19 testing for travel screeners. You can contact Marcie at RN@covid-medical.ca


Why Choose CVM for your private COVID lab test?

You can rely on CVM Medical for your private COVID-19 test for travel because we are professionals who understand medical care, international travel logistics, and the need to provide the best customer service in Canada.

CVM Medical provides COVID-19 testing for travel solutions, private COVID-19 testing for asymptomatic individuals for work, play, travel or peace of mind. When you choose CVM Medical your COVID test is delivered by a dedicated, experienced team of healthcare and travel professionals who know the world of healthcare and travel.

Our Testing Solutions

Private Pay COVID 19 Testing Prices and Costs

If you would like an in-home appointment instead of a Vancouver private COVID test appointment, one of our medical professionals can come to you for your in-home COVID test. Please contact us for more details.

Our Nanaimo clinic covers all of Vancouver Island’s private COVID testing needs from Victoria to Port Hardy.

The cost of the COVID test is all inclusive, and encompasses all of the necessary steps to process your RT-PCR based swab at an accredited COVID-19 testing lab. CVM Medical uses accredited, private labs to process your swab, using highly trained lab technicians, the latest technology, including physician oversight of the COVID testing process. The cost of the private COVID-19 test includes everything from your appointment, lab fees, and our dedicated customer service team to process and send you your results so that you can get back to travel, work or play.

Corporate Clients

CVM Medical Lts, Covid-19 Testing In Canada

CVM Medical works on a daily basis with major corporations, businesses and government agencies to provide timely, reliable COVID-19 testing for industry. Our corporate clients include Teck Resources, Airbus, film studios, and insurance companies. For information on our COVID-19 testing for industry solutions, please email RK@covid-medical.ca

Media Inquires

CVM Medical Lts, Covid-19 Testing In Canada

CVM Medical Ltd is committed to assisting your readers and viewers in understanding the nuances and importance of privately funded, COVID-19 testing.

Whether for work, travel or peace of mind, CVM Medical relieves the burden on the public healthcare system while providing Canadians with an option for affordable COVID-19 testing for travel. We facilitate prompt COVID-19 testing for Canadians who need COVID-19, PCR based testing that is not offered by governments or health authorities.

Media inquiries are welcome and can be directed to Raffy Karagossian, Director of Operations, via email to RK@covid-medical.ca