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Did you know that CVM Medical's COVID-19 testing results are accepted by over 120 countries around the world who require a COVID-19, PCR test for travel?


No matter which Canadian city you are leaving from, CVM’s ISO:15189 accredited COVID-19 lab partner results provide peace of mind and ease of travel.

Country, airline, immigration and travel destination information rapidly evolves and can change quickly.

Please make sure you validate your travel and COVID-19 testing information as our travel blog is for reference purposes only and may be subject to change by governments and airlines without notice. 

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AirLine Information

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See the list below to find more information about your airline.

 CVM’s COVID-19 testing for travel PCR lab results are accepted for check in on any KLM flight leaving Canada and departing for Amsterdam. 

To fly on any KLM flight departing Canada, even if you are only connecting or transiting Amsterdam, rely on CVM Medical to provide you with your COVID-19 PCR test for travel and bring your certified lab results to the KLM check in counter in Vancouver, Calgary or Toronto with certified peace of mind from CVM. 

Destination Country Travel Information.

CLICK ON THE COUNTRY BELOW that you are travelling to learn more about the Covid 19 testing requirements


CVM Medical Ltd provides accredited and accepted COVID 19 private test results for customers travelling to USA.

As of January 26 2021, the United States will require that all airline passengers flying into the USA have a negative COVID-19 test for travel. CVM Medical Ltd is accredited to provide travelers going to the USA with a COVID-19 PCR certified test. Our private COVID-19 lab test is CDC approved. Learn more about specific travel requirements in the link below from the US CDC or book your travel test now for the USA.

Click here to Book an EMERGENCY/STAT COVID test if your travel plans are urgent

Our PCR test for travel clinics are located in Vancouver, Nanaimo and Calgary.

>> Book a PCR Test for USA or a Rapid Test for USA travel

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Hong Kong.

CVM Medical Ltd provides accredited and accepted results for customers travelling to Hong Kong. 

Learn about the Government of Hong Kong Requirements for COVID-19 tests from Canadian travellers. Our lab tests meet the SEO15189 standard for COVID testing. All airlines are currently accepting our COVID -19 PCR certificate for Hong Kong boarding travellers.

>> Find a COVID 19 PCR test for Hong Kong travel requirements. 

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