Emergency STAT Urgent Covid Testing

Emergency/STAT/ Urgent Testing.

If you require an emergency, urgent or STAT private COVID-19 test for work, travel or other reasons that fall outside of public health.

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If you have further questions, pease contact us at 1-833-332-7007 or email help@covid-medical.ca with the subject line: URGENT/STAT Test

Our Customer Service Representatives will create an emergency appointment for you at one of our clinic locations and our COVID testing team will arrange space whether or not our clinic is full that day – we will get you in on an emergency basis, or if you prefer, we will organize one of our sample collection technicians to visit you at your location to collect your private COVID test for travel or work. 

A STAT/Emergency/RUSH COVID-19 test requires us to interrupt our normal COVID-19 private lab processing runs and as such, additional fees apply for an emergency test run. 

A Customer Service Representative can discuss these fees with you over you can quickly and easily  Book a Rush PCR test online now! 

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