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What You Need To Know About New Travel Rules

What You Need To Know About New Travel Rules

What You Need To Know About New Travel Rules

Here’s how new testing rules prompted by the Omicrom variant impact Canadians’ international travel Plans.


What you need to know about new travel rules – CTV News

Meanwhile, the US and Canadian governments are making changes to COVID testing rules as CTV Shannon Patterson reports that will impact British Columbians with international bookings during this busy travel season.

Shannon Patterson  00:14

At CVM medical inside Vancouver International Airport, passengers can get a pre-flight rapid antigen test for $79. That will clear them for travel to the United States. 

Graham Williamson  00:25

We are already seeing surgeon bookings for the clinic because it’s those travelers that are now anticipating this rule coming in on Thursday.

Shannon Patterson  00:33

That rule change a shortened timeline for Canadian travelers to get that antigen test for us bound flights from 72 hours before takeoff to just 24 hours.

Graham Williamson  00:44

So, gone is the testing at a local clinic in your community two days before your travel and testing at the airport is now the standard.

Shannon Patterson  00:53

The shorter testing window and added stress for British Columbians planning to fly to the US this winter. 

Allison Wallace  00:58

Every single person getting on a plane right now going to the United States is going to need that same test. So again, it’s really about availability and being able to book an appointment and make sure that you are within that window.

Graham Williamson  01:09

The moves by the United States to require wrap the test within 24-hours of travel is going to make it slightly more difficult for the traveler, but it is going to make travel a little safer as well. 

Shannon Patterson  01:19

Canada will also begin testing all travelers at airports who’ve arrived on international flights originating from anywhere but the United States.

Allison Wallace  01:26

We don’t have any details of when exactly this is going to start. It’s expected in the next couple of days. Each airport is being told to figure out their logistics.

Shannon Patterson  01:36

Everyone, including returning Canadians, will be expected to self-isolate until their airport test result comes back and there could be more changes to testing and quarantine requirements if the omicron variant spreads quickly and it’s found to evade vaccines.

Allison Wallace  01:51

Nothing is certain right now and this is the biggest challenge we’re facing. 

Shannon Patterson  01:54

For British Columbians with bookings this holiday season nervous about what could happen next.

Allison Wallace  01:59

It’s just impossible to provide the right sound advice to our travelers and our clients. So specifics would be appreciated and details because right now we just don’t have them so it’s really hard to tell people what to do.

Shannon Patterson  02:12

Shannon Patterson, CTV News, Richmond.

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