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rapid test nanaimo

Fast, easy, Private COVID-19 rapid testing Nanaimo lab results are quick. Pick a time that works for you. We are located in Nanaimo.

Our private COVID testing Nanaimo clinic serves all of Vancouver Island through the Nanaimo lab clinic,
We also have private Covid testing clinics in Metro Vancouver, YVR- Vancouver Airport, and Calgary.
Our Nanaimo private COVID 19 testing clinic is centrally located on the Vancouver Island near the ferry terminal.

It's easy to book a Rapid Test in Nanaimo for work or travel.

Covid-19 Rapid Testing Nanaimo, BC Canada

Get the peace of mind you need, at a time that works for you.
Fast results
Easy testing
Emergency/STAT/Urgent Testing
7 days a week
rapid test in nanaimo

PCR Testing

Detects the presence of viral RNA. It is very accurate and efficient. This test is able to detect a COVID-19 infection even before the person becomes infectious and will allow early isolation.

Rapid Antigen Test

This COVID-19 test detects certain proteins in the virus. Using a nasal swab to get a fluid sample, antigen tests can produce results in minutes.

Antibody Testing

This test measures antibodies to the SARS-CoV-2 virus in the bodies of people who have already had COVID-19 or are successfully recovering from the disease. Antibodies are not present at the onset of the disease.

How Much Do Covid-19 Rapid Test Cost?



Rapid Antigen Test (In-Clinic)

On the spot results within 30 minutes
Dedicated Travel Team
Flexible Appointments
Best price for a covid lab test
Accredited & Certified Covid 19 Rapid test results


Rapid Antigen Test (In-Clinic)

On the spot results within 30 minutes
Convenient Location
Dedicated Travel Team
Flexible Appointments.
Accredited & Certified For Covid 19 Rapid Test


YVR RapidTesting (In-Airport Clinic)

On the spot results within 30 minutes.
Dedicated Travel Team
Flexible Appointments
7 days a week
Accreditated & Certified Rapid Test Results


Rapid COVID-19 Test.

On-the-spot results within 30 minutes.
Dedicated Travel Team.
Flexible Appointments
Best price for a covid lab test
Accredited & Authorized Provider For Rapid COVID-19


Testing is quick and easy. 

For the rapid test you can get your results back within 30 minutes normally. 

For the PCR test, we aim to conduct the test with you in about 10 minutes.

Next, the PCR test materials are sent to an independent laboratory. You will receive the PCR results within 36 hours usually

We've taken extreme precautions to keep our staff and patients safe and to do our part to help slow the spread of COVID-19 in our communities. Patients will be asked to wait outside in their cars and will be called into the clinic one at a time for their test. We are also adhering to the highest standards and clean the clinic thoroughly in-between every appointment.

Rapid test results are emailed to you within 30 minutes normally.

PCR Test Results are emailed to you within 36 hours usually.

Once your COVID test sample is run through our approved, accredited lab, you will receive your results by email.

We will provide you a letter signed by our Physician Medical Director and your COVID-19 certificate for travels, which you can then use to travel, work and play. Your COVID negative certificate is valid for airlines, embassies, immigration and customs.

CVM Medical is a leading private COVID testing laboratory in Canada. We currently offer private COVID testing stations by Appointment Only. Click this link to find the nearest private COVID 19 testing station near you in Canada.

If you require an emergency, urgent or STAT private COVID-19 test for work, travel or other reasons that fall outside of public health, please contact us at 1-833-332-7007 or email help@covid-medical.ca with the subject line: URGENT/STAT Test

Our Customer Service Representatives will create an emergency appointment for you at one of our clinic locations and our COVID testing team will arrange space whether or not our clinic is full that day - we will get you in on an emergency basis, or if you prefer, we will organize one of our sample collection technicians to visit you at your location to collect your private COVID test for travel or work.

A STAT/Emergency/RUSH COVID-19 test requires us to interrupt our normal COVID-19 private lab processing runs and as such, additional fees apply for an emergency test run. a Customer Service Representative will discuss these fees with you.

The CVM Guarantee provides our customers with the peace of mind, knowing that your private COVID-19 test results will be returned to you within 48 hours.

All other private COVID labs in Vancouver clearly tell you on their websites that the results of your COVID test could take up to 72 hours, or longer, that your COVID lab tests are out of their control. Going beyond 72 hours means that you won't make your flight with timelines stretched that far out.

Unlike CVM, our competitors tell you that they won't guarantee anything at all, meaning, you risk missing your flight or not being allowed back to your worksite if you can't get timely results from clinics who don't take your COVID testing and travel plans seriously.

CVM Medical is run by travel medical professionals - Flight Nurses and Physicians with decades of international medical and travel experience. When you need reliable results, quickly - count on the CVM Guarantee.

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